men, masculinities and gender politics



Porn is not real. And here’s proof.


[Warning: This post contains sexually explicit language.]

No, the girl is NOT “yours.” Men don’t own women. Period.

A couple of weeks ago – the day before International Women’s Day – Sarah Thomson, a newspaper publisher and former mayoral candidate for the city of Toronto, attended a celebrity-filled fundraising event, where she happened to encounter Rob Ford, her former political opponent, and the current (and controversial) mayor of that city. 

We all live in Steubenville.


[Trigger warning: stories of sexual assault.]

Never just “an isolated incident,” violence against women impacts us all.

The other day I heard about yet another domestic violence homicide.  And the news report sounded a hauntingly familiar refrain…

Whosoever would be a man must be a nonconformist.” (Why, after 200 years, Emerson is still relevant.)

When do you follow the rules?

When do you break them?

Do you break the rules in order to do the right thing?

Even if breaking the rules will get you punished?

Is prostitution really a “profession”? (Only when it serves men’s purposes.)

Quick! Name “the world’s oldest profession.”

Women of the world rejoice: We enlightened men have come to liberate you!

In her brilliant 2008 essay “Men Who Explain Things: Every Woman Knows What It’s Like To Be Patronized By A Guy Who Won’t Let Facts Get In The Way,” Rebecca Solnit writes: