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On “getting chicked.” (When it comes to competing against women, men can be pretty sore losers.)

The other day the Canadian Broadcasting Company aired a radio program on female athletes who are preparing for this summer’s Olympic Games in London.  One of the women, a cyclist, spoke about how the men she sometimes trains with react badly when she beats them in a race.  They become embarrassed.  They feel humiliated.  And they even have a term for it.  When a woman beats them, they call it “getting chicked.” 

What’s the big deal about a little blood? (On men’s fear of menstruation.)

Sometimes when I am doing mundane things around the house, I like to turn on the television to watch programs that feature other people who are also doing that are pretty mundane.  Things like slowly driving trucks on Canada’s “ice roads.”  Like picking through other people’s garages and basements looking for antiques.  Like running a pawn shop in Las Vegas.  Like selling cars.

Don’t “bond” with me, bro! (When all you share is a penis.)

The other day it happened again.  I got “male bonded” with.  I met another man who works in my field – a line of work that has more women in it than it does men.  This guy took one look at me and was instantly very happy to meet me.

Yes! Yes you are “mom enough”! (Thanks to all of the mothers of the world on Mother’s Day!)

Today is Mother’s Day. And how did Time magazine choose to mark the occasion? By putting out an issue this week on “attachment parenting” that featured on the cover the picture of a nearly four year-old boy standing on a chair and nursing on his mother’s breast. The picture proved incredibly controversial.

Society’s message to men: Thou shalt not love. (And you should only care about sex.)

I am a straight guy who likes “chick flicks.” According to the media, I don’t exist.

The media sucks.

Dear Mr. Patriarch: Just what, exactly, did you accomplish with your life?

Dear Mr. Patriarch:  Just what, exactly, did you accomplish with your life?

The seasons always bring change.  And this season I know of two very patriarchal men who are quickly approaching the end of their careers. 

Perhaps, as they prepare to bring their working lives to a close, these two men are taking a moment to reflect upon their experiences. 

Perhaps not. 

Toward a more valid definition of rape.

Unfortunately, exactly when an act of sexualized aggression becomes rape remains a matter of some controversy. And our sense of what qualifies as consent needs a lot of clarification as well.

Bikini no longer required. (Thank goodness.)

The International Volleyball Federation has decided that for the London Olympics female beach volleyball players will no longer be required to wear bikinis. (See article here:

I think that’s a good thing.

I Hate You For Killing Her. And I Always Will.

There are no set guidelines for just how we should react emotionally when a man kills his wife. And that’s appropriate, because some acts are just so heinous that they defy any canned response. When a man does something so vicious and so evil as murdering his partner, we who survive are left to pick up the pieces and make sense of the horror as best we can.