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“Feminists just need to be ‘nicer.’” Oh yeah? I call “Bullshit!”

I keep hearing the same assertion:

More men would support feminism if only...

Designing “Mr. Right.” (On creating the man you’d want your wife to marry.)



(This post is about men who are in heterosexual relationships.  While much of what I discuss here would no doubt also apply to relationships between people of any genders, as a straight guy I only feel qualified to comment on men’s role in romantic relationships that occur between men and women.)

Who is the greatest person in human history? Wrong! It’s his mother!


Some thoughts on mothers and Mother's Day...

Quick!  Name the greatest person in human history! 


Why do men play where women die? (Thoughts on recreational travel in misogynist regions.)

This spring there was a lot of press coverage of two high-profile assaults on female travelers who were brutalized at the hands of local men in the countries they were visiting.

In praise of sluts, whores, and other promiscuous women.

Okay, first, let’s get one thing settled:  just how much sex someone else is having is none of my damn business.  And in an ideal world, no one else would make it their business, either.  But this is not (yet) an ideal world.  This is a world where women who are sexually active -- or who are merely thought to be sexually active -- are still often harshly attacked, viciously criticized, demeaned, diminished, loathed.

Masculinity and Terrorism


Boys, girls, sexual assault, and sexual empowerment: Television interview with Bill Patrick

On Monday April 15 I was interviewed by CTV in Atlantic Canada about how to talk with our kids about issues of sexuality, sexual assault, and sexual empowerment.  Here is the link:

Porn is not real. And here’s proof.


[Warning: This post contains sexually explicit language.]