men, masculinities and gender politics



In the flesh: Treating your body well

Sport, play and sex are areas in which we often mistreat or ignore our bodies. John Webb suggests how to treat your body differently.

Doing ourselves an injury: Men, sport, and health

John Webb questions cultural norms in the physical activity of sport.

The unkindest cut: Circumcision


Circumcision is a violation of a boy's right to an intact body, and without medical or moral justification says John Shanahan.

Young male suicide: reversing the trend


Matt Stewart posits some strategies to address Australia's disturbing record in this area.

Men's health and men's rights


A right to good health? Men's health or men's rights? Ben Wadham talks about the focus on men's health rights in the emerging men's health discourse.

Men's health and ethics (1995)


Issues of justice and accountability are central to the development of men's health policy and practice. Steve Golding puts men's health into context and calls for partnership with women's health, spelling out the key features for men's health policy.

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Friends with your testicles? Men's health and men's power


Men's health problems are not to do with being powerless or being discriminated against. Murray Couch uses the Proudfoot case to show that the real problem in men's health is men's power and masculinity.

Please see below for the attachment, in PDF. First printed in XY, 3(1), Autumn 1993.

Lads in Latex? Why young heterosexual men don’t use condoms


Addressing heterosexual men's roles is critical in HIV prevention. New research documents the understanding which inform men's unsafe sex.