men, masculinities and gender politics


Michael Flood

Mainstreaming Men in Gender Practice and Policy

Practical strategies for engaging men in gender programming and policy.

What men can do to stop sexism and male violence


What can men do to stop sexism and men's violence against women? What can men do to build gender equality and prevent and reduce men's violence against women?

Men, Masculinities, and Gender: Key resources for scholarship and activism

This handy one-page sheet provides a guide to key online resources on men, masculinities and gender, including activist and academic resources.

Involving Men in Efforts to End Violence Against Women


An outline of strategies for the primary prevention of violence against women, focused on engaging and working with men.

The politics of gender


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Everyday anti-sexism


SEXISM is all around us, and sometimes we try to do something about it. Sometimes this doesn't work, sometimes it does.

CASE: It's the middle of the city, Saturday night. David walks around the corner. There's a man and woman, he's pushing her, slapping her crying face. It's fast, scary, violent.

Men's groups


Men's groups are the backbone of the men's movement. They are a good thing, says Michael Flood.

I JOINED my first men's group when I was 20, and it profoundly changed my life. Seven years on, I'm passionately committed to men's issues.

For the last three years I've been part of two great men's groups: the Canberra branch of Men Against Sexual Assault, and those lovely men in the XY editorial group.

Men and change


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Activism 101


Four lessons, and plenty of homework. That's what Michael Flood took home from the Adelaide sessions.

I learnt important lessons about pro-feminist activism, and lessons that are important for all men, in the four-day sessions in Adelaide. I felt challenged, inspired and confused.

Three principles for men


Three terms have become the guiding principles for anti-sexist men in Australia, but what do they mean? Michael Flood pins them down.

Male-positive. Pro-feminist. Gay-affirmative. These three terms have become the guiding principles for a substantial section of the men's movement, including this magazine and Men Against Sexual Assault groups around Australia. What do they each mean, and what should they look like in practice?