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The White Ribbon Campaign: Achievements, obstacles, and ways forward (Speech, 2011)

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This talk offers a stocktake of the White Ribbon Campaign in Australia: what it has achieved so far, the obstacles it faces, and the ways forward. I begin with an inspiring and accessible overview of the campaign: its character, its components, and its significance. I describe the campaign’s real achievements, its contributions to positive social change in community attitudes, relationships, and policy. I highlight the obstacles which the campaign faces. And I end by spelling out the key steps which can be taken – by ordinary men and women, policy-makers, managers, sporting bodies, and others – to make a difference. I urge that we use the F-word – feminism – to guide our efforts.

Please see below for the text of the talk, in Word.
Citation: Flood, M. (2011). The White Ribbon Campaign: Achievements, obstacles, and ways forward. Speech to the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast, Adelaide Festival Centre, November 25th, 2011.

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