men, masculinities and gender politics


Alan Berkowitz

Sexual Assault Prevention

This brief article summarizes the characteristics of many sexual violence prevention programs, and the dominant theories in prevention program development.

Fostering Men's Responsibility for Preventing Sexual Assault

As described by the author, "This chapter provides an overview of the issues involved in men taking responsibility for sexual assault prevention, suggests a philosophy and pedagogy for rape prevention, provides a developmental model for prevention programs, makes recommendations for advancing the field, and reviews promising interventions and strategies. The chapter’s primary focus is the prevention of sexual assault perpetrated by men against women (or young men and young women) who know each other in college or high school settings."

Engaging Men as Social Justice Allies in Ending Violence: Evidence for a Social Norms Approach

Many efforts to prevent men's sexual violence have focused on changing some men's belief that most other men approve of rape-supportive attitudes and behaviors, when in fact this is not true. A person's beliefs about the attitudes and behaviors of others, and the way those beliefs influences that person’s own attitudes and behaviors, are called social norms. Changing social norms around sexual violence is an important part of prevention effots.

Critical Elements of Sexual-Assault Prevention and Risk-Reduction Programs for Men and Women

This discusses the characteristics of effective programs, provides a rationale for terminology (risk reduction/deterrence vs. prevention), and reviews critical elements of sexual assault prevention and risk reduction programs for men and/or women.

Working with Men to Prevent Violence Against Women: Program Modalities and Formats (Part Two)

This document continues the discussion in Part One by providing an overview of best practices in prevention, the content and format of men's prevention programs, and an overview of different program philosophies or pedagogies.

Working with Men to Prevent Violence Against Women: An Overview (Part One)

This document provides an overview of current efforts involving men in the prevention of violence against women. It discusses men's role in prevention, what is effective in men's prevention, and cultural issues and considerations in working with men,