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Men, gender, sexualities, feminism... A comprehensive collection of links and resources

Over 600 websites listed. Updated on January 30, 2015. List compiled by Michael Flood.

Men and gender equality, Profeminist men's sites

Key publications

Men and feminism (academic references)

Connell, R.W. (2003) The role of men and boys in achieving gender equality. Consultant’s paper for ‘The Role of Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality’, Expert Group Meeting, organised by DAW in collaboration with ILO and UNAIDS, 21–24 October 2003, Brasilia, Brazil,
A comprehensive overview of why gender equality requires the participation of men and boys, patterns of male support for gender equality, obstacles and challenges to men’s involvement, reasons for change, major contemporary issues (globalisation, work/life balance, HIV/AIDS, sexuality, and reproductive health, and gender-based violence), and the strategies and policies that should guide the way forward.

Expert Group (2003) The Role of Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality: Report of the Export Group Meeting, ‘The Role of Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality’, organised by DAW in collaboration with ILO and UNAIDS, 21-24 October 2003, Brasilia, Brazil, <>.

The AIM Framework: Addressing and Involving Men and Boys to Promote Gender Equality and End Gender Discrimination and Violence, By Michael Kaufman
An accessible overview of the need to involve men and boys in efforts towards gender equality, key conceptual tools necessary for this work, principles for mobilising boys and men, and examples of programs and efforts around the globe.

Voice Male – publication of the Men’s Resource Centre for Change

Michael Kaufman: Writer/speaker on men's issues
The AIM Framework: Addressing and Involving Men and Boys To Promote Gender Equality and End Gender Discrimination and Violence
Men, Feminism & Men's Contradictory Experiences of Power

Kimmel, Michael (2001) Bringing Men into Gender Equity Work: Counter-Hegemonic Points of Entry, Gender Policy Review, January
Describes various points of entry with which to engage men in personal and political discussions about gender and development, and particularly to engage men as women’s allies in their struggle for equality.

Alan Berkowitz, Rape prevention
Men as Social Justice Allies of Women

Cracking the Armour: Power, Pain and the Lives of Men (the full text, in PDF, of Kaufman’s accessible introduction to men’s issues)

Beyond masculinity: Essays by queer men on gender and politics)

Projects, groups, organisations

(Note: Also see the organisations listed under "Men's anti-violence sites" below.)


MenEngage - A global alliance of non-governmental organizations that are involved in an array of research, interventions, and policy initiatives seeking to engage men and boys in effective ways to reduce gender inequalities and promote health and the well-being of women, men, and children.

Engaging Men in Gender Equality – Interactive community (Partners for Prevention)

Instituto Promundo - NGO working in Brazil and other developing countries with young men, youth and children to promote equality between men and women and the prevention of interpersonal violence

Sexual Violence Resource Initiative collection on men and masculinities

Men Against Violence: UNESCO program believing education, social and natural science, culture and communication are the means toward building peace

Asia and Pacific

South Asian Network to Address Masculinities (SANAM)

Men Against Rape and Discrimination (MARD) (India)

MEN UNiTE (Men Against Violence and Abuse Alliance) (India)

Caribbean Male Action Network (CariMAN)


Sonke Gender Justice Project: HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, Human Rights - includes “Men As Partners” project (South Africa)

Men for Gender Equality Now - Kenya

Movement of Men against AIDS in Kenya (MMAAK)

Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre: Aims to mobilize Rwandan men to support women’s leadership, end men’s violence and act as role models for positive masculinity


MANSCENTRUM: Swedish men’s centers addressing men in crisis

Working with Men (UK)

The Other Half: Men and Women Working Together (UK)

Profeminist Men Finland

NeMM, Netværk for forskning om Mænd og Maskuliniteter (Denmark)

Nettverk for forskning om menn (Norway)

Men opposed to prostitution

Towards a new organization of men’s lives - Emerging forms of work and opportunities for gender equality (European research project 2001 - 2004)

Der DISSENS mit der HERRschenden Männlichkeit (DISSENT to Dominating Masculinity) - Germany

Maennerberatung Graz (Men's Counseling Center Graz) - Austria

Männer Schweiz - Switzerland

Latin America

Heterodoxia. Hombres por la Igualdad - offers updated information about miscellaneous profeminist issues for Spanish speaking countries

Hombres por la Igualdad. Ayto. de Jeréz de la Frontera - Pro-gender equality men’s program. Jerez de la Frontera City Council (Andalusia, Spain)

Prometeo - Pro-gender equality men’s group (Leon, Spain)

Hombres Contra la Desigualdad de Genero (Men Against Gender Inequality)- Madrid, Spain

North America

National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) - USA

Men Can Stop Rape (USA) - Washington, D.C.-based national advocacy and training organization mobilizing male youth to prevent violence against women/>

Men Advocating Real Change: An online community of men committed to making real change in the workplace

A Men's Project (AMP)

Men's Resources International: Educating, Consulting & Organizing for Positive Masculinity (USA)

Men's Resource Center for Change

Men For Change - Canada

100 Black Men of America, Inc. - Chapters around the U.S. working on youth development and economic empowerment in the African American community

Masculinity Project - Addresses the complexities of masculinity in
the African American community

Renaissance Male Project - A mid-west, multicultural and multi-issue men's organization

Working With Men – Engender Health collection (international)

The Defenders USA: a coalition of men across the United States who fight the commercial sex industry

Men's Resource Centre of Saskatoon (Saskatchewan, Canada)

MenSpeakUp (Empowering men to advocate for gender equality, Harvard)

Articles by Robert Jensen

Oh! BROTHER (Exposing the phallacies of the pro-feminist men’s movement)

The Caring Guys Arts and Media Awards: A Place of Hope for Men's Friendships: Finding role models of a positive masculinity because the violence, isolation, and senseless rivalries cannot disappear without a replacement.

Pip Cornall: Building Sustainable Masculinities (Australia)


(Note: Also see the blogs listed under "Men's anti-violence sites" below.)

Masculinities 101: a forum for activist scholars in the field of men and masculinities

Voice Male Editor's Blog

Men Need Feminism (Jeff Pollett)

Michael Kaufman

Jack S. Kahn

The Achilles Effect: Boys, Masculinity, and Gender Stereotypes

Man Boobz: Misogyny, the men’s rights movement and more

What Men Dare Do collaborative brainstorming and revolutionary heartstorming towards conscious community

Strong Silent Types – Stuff About Men (Australia)

Masculinidades blog - Spanish

Feminist Allies blog

Other and Beyond Real Men: The promise of male liberation other and beyond conventional masculinity (Charles Knight)

Honest reflection on social justice, equality, and masculinity (Jonathan Horowitz)

Responsible Men - Oppression, especially sexual and domestic violence

Daniel Mang's Blog (in in English, French and German)

Radical profeminist: Toward a world without white male supremacy

New Black Man – Mark Anthony Neal

Seminal Son - where one black man questions masculinity and patriarchy as he talks emotion and reparents himself

Guy’s Guide to Feminism

Byron Hurt – filmmaker, writer, activist, lecturer

No Cookies For Me

Mark Simpson on masculinity

The Man Files (Shira Tarrant)

Gender equality and social justice (in Hindi - Ravi Jeena, MASVAW)

Profeminist men's e-mail lists

Profem-l mail list (1997 - )

Working With Men and Boys (India-based)

Feminist Men (Yahoo group, 2004 - )

Men's anti-violence sites

Key publications

Men and Boys: Preventing Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence (VAWNnet Special Collection by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (July 2012))

Resources for Engaging Men in Preventing Violence Against Women (Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force)

Toolkit for Working with Men and Boys to Prevent Gender-Based Violence.
A comprehensive resource for practitioners to work with men and boys to prevent violence. This toolkit is a follow up to our 2003 online discussion series and consolidates resources from many different initiatives from around North America.

Building Partnerships to End Men’s Violence – Papers and summaries from a 2003 online discussion, focused on four topics:
(1) Building a Big Tent Approach to Working with Men;
(2) Innovation within Batterer Intervention Programs: Community based approaches to enhancing safety and accountability;
(3) Building Bridges between Responsible Fatherhood Programs and Programs working to End Men's Violence;
(4) Young Men as Allies in Preventing Violence and Abuse: Building Effective Partnerships with Schools.

Working with Men to Prevent Violence Against Women: An Overview (Part One), by Alan Berkowitz (October 2004). Provides an overview of current efforts involving men in the prevention of violence against women. This document discusses men role in prevention, what is effective in men prevention, and cultural issues and considerations in working with men.

Working with Men to Prevent Violence Against Women: An Overview (Part Two), by Alan Berkowitz (October 2004). Discusses best practices in prevention, provides an overview of different program modalities and formats, and reviews pedagogies that can be used in working with men to prevent violence against women.

Men's anti-violence activism (published works)

Michael Kaufman: writer/speaker on men's issues
The AIM Framework: Addressing and Involving Men and Boys To Promote Gender Equality and End Gender Discrimination and Violence
The Seven P's of Men's Violence
Building a Movement of Men Working to End Violence Against Women
Men Taking Action to End Gender-based Violence
Working with Men and Boys to Challenge Sexism and End Men's Violence
Articles of the White Ribbon Campaign
Men must abandon notion they are violent by nature
Better Fathering Will Help End Violence

Men’s collective anti-violence activism and the struggle for gender justice.
Arguing that men are both part of the problem and part of the solution, Flood emphasises that men’s anti-violence activism is a crucial element in the struggle for gender justice.

Other publications

Alan Berkowitz, Rape prevention
Papers available here ( include;
Fostering Men's Responsibility for Preventing Sexual Assault
Guidelines for Consent in Intimate Relationships

Projects, groups, organisations

Note: Also see the groups and networks listed above.


Partners for Prevention: Working with Boys and Men to Prevent Gender-based Violence

Men and Boys, Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence Against Women and Girls

Engaging men and boys, Prevention Connection Wiki Project

Men's Resources International: Educating, Consulting & Organizing for Positive Masculinity (USA)


Sonke Gender Justice Project: HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, Human Rights - includes “Men As Partners” project (South Africa)

Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre: Aims to mobilize Rwandan men to support women’s leadership, end men’s violence and act as role models for positive masculinity

Men Against Violence Against Women - Trinidad & Tobago

Asia and Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand)

White Ribbon Campaign - Australia

Coalition for Men Supporting Non Violence (Adelaide)

Tairawhiti Men Against Violence (TMAV) – New Zealand

Boys-Talk: a program for young men about masculinity, non-violence and relationships -- Australia
Boys-Talk, written by Brook Friedman, is a program for young men that examines masculinity, non-violence and relationships.

Men Against Violence & Abuse (MAVA), Mumbai, India working to stop and prevent gender-based violence by involving sensitive men.

Men Against Rape and Discrimination (MARD) (India)

Equal Community Foundation (India): Engaging men to end violence against women

Working With Men and Boys (India-based)

China White Ribbon Volunteers’ Network

Men, boys, and gender-based violence in South Central Asia
This report (in Word format) reviews gender based violence and the promotion of gender equality with a focus of men and boys in the South Central Asia region.


EuroWRC (European White Ribbon Campaign)

White Ribbon Campaign - Profeminist Men Finland

White Ribbon Campaign UK – Working to get men to take a stand against violence against women

Reform - resource centre for men (Norway)

White Ribbon Campaign (The Other Half, Ireland)

Latin America

Instituto Promundo's work on violence prevention
Projects include the training of young men from low income areas of Rio de Janeiro as change agents in gender-based violence prevention and the promotion of sexual and reproductive health.

Middle East

North America (USA and Canada)

Men Can Stop Rape (formerly the Men's Rape Prevention Project) (USA) - Washington, D.C.-based national advocacy and training organization mobilizing male youth to prevent violence against women

Men's Resource Center for Change - Supporting Healthy Manhood/Challenging Violence Since 1982 (USA)

White Ribbon Campaign - men working to end men's violence against women. Canada (where the WRC began)

White Ribbon Campaign (Canada) blog

A Call To Men ­ National association of men and women committed to ending violence against women

Menswork: Eliminating violence against women

Men for HAWC - Gloucester, Mass. volunteer advocacy group of men’s voices against domestic abuse and sexual assault

Men Standing Up: Taking Action Against Sexual Assault - Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA), Boulder, Colorado

Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe, Inc. - Statewide Massachusetts effort coordinating men’s anti-violence activities

MASV: Men Against Sexual Violence: Men working in the struggle to end sexual violence

Men Stopping Violence (USA) - Atlanta-based organization working to end violence against women, focusing on stopping battering, and ending rape and incest

Men Against Violence (Yahoo e-mail list)

Men Stopping Rape, Inc. - USA

Paul Kivel, violence prevention educator

One in Four: An all-male sexual assault peer education group dedicated to preventing rape

MVP Strategies: Gender violence prevention education and training

Jackson Katz (anti-sexist activist) - USA

Healthy Dating, Sexual Assault Prevention (Mike Domitrz) - USA

The Date Safe Project - USA

Asking First Blog (Date Safe Project and Mike Domitrz)

Voices of Men - An Educational Comedy by Ben Atherton-Zeman

EMERGE: Counseling and education to stop domestic violence. Comprehensive
batterers’ services

Men’s Resource Center for Change: Model men’s center offering support groups for non-abusive men and batterers’ intervention groups, services, trainings and consulting for men overcoming violence

Men and masculinities academic sites


Men and Masculinities journal (Sage, USA)

Journal of Men's Studies (USA)

Psychology of Men and Masculinity

Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies

Culture, Society, and Masculinities

Thymos: Journal of Boyhood Studies

La Manzana: Revista Internacional de Estudios sobre Masculinidades (Mexico)

Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality (JMMS)

Organisations and resources

The Men's Bibliography - Lists some of the best (and worst) writing about men, masculinities, gender, sex and sexualities, and much more, in 34 categories. Over 19 000 works listed.

The Men's Directory - A Worldwide Directory of Research and Resources (Compiled by Diederik Janssen)

Crome (Critical Research On Men in Europe)

IASOM - The International Association for Studies of Men

American Men's Studies Association

Men's Studies Press (USA)

Men and Masculinity Research Center at the University of Missouri (Columbia, USA

German Men’s Studies Task Group - Arbeitskreis Kritische Maennerforschung

La Academia Mexicana de Estudios de Género de los Hombres, Asociación Civil (AMEGH AC)

Boyhood Studies

Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity (SPSMM), Division 51 of the American Psychological Association

Men and Masculinities Knowledge Community

Center for the Study of Masculinities and Men’s Development (Western Illinois University)

The Humboldt Project: A study in comparative masculinities

The Grumpy Sociologist – posts on masculinity

Media Portrayals of Men and Masculinity

Black Public Media: The Masculinity Project

Men's Literature/Studies Course, California State University Northridge

Teach With Movies: Male role models

Changing Men Collection – archive of materials on men and masculinities, Michigan State Universities Library, USA

National Center on Fathers and Families Literature Databases

Anthropology, Gender Theory and Masculinity

Academics' and researchers' individual pages

Michael Kimmel

Michael Kaufman

Michael Flood

Alan Greig

Robert Jensen

Lust, trust and latex: Why young heterosexual men do not use condoms (Michael Flood's PhD thesis, July 2000, Australia)

Teaching About Being an Oppressor (Steve Schacht)

Eli Newberger’s writings on male character, child abuse, clergy abuse and pedophilia, child health, and domestic violence

Radical feminist theory and/or Academia and other Topics (Allan Hunter)

SWORD: Texts of the anthropology of masculinities, and homepage of José María Espada-Calpe - Spain

Feminist sites (general)

Australian feminist sites

Office For Women (previously the Office of the Status of Women)

Women's Electoral Lobby (WEL) Australia

National Women's Justice Coalition (NWJC) Australia

International Women's Day (March 8)

Australian women’s timeline: Key events and milestones

Stop Domestic Violence Day

Reclaim The Night rallies

Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency

Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission

Coalition for a Feminist Agenda (Australia)

FemSpeak - Women's magazine and website (Australia)


International feminist sites

Feminism 101 Frequently Asked Questions

Women's Studies/Women's Issues Resource Sites

Aviva – International women's monthly listing of News, Events, Groups & Resources

BRIDGE Gender and Social Movements collection (information, evidence and tools for activists)

International Women's Development Agency (U.S.)

KVINFO The Danish Centre for Information on Women and Gender

KILDEN Norwegian Information and Documentation Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Research

Equality Now: Working to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure

Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG)

Colorlines Gender and Sexuality collection

Feminist Majority Foundation (U.S.)

Off Our Backs (U.S. feminist magazine)

National Organization for Women (NOW, U.S.A.)

Third-space (online feminist journal)

Groundspark (formerly Women’s Educational Media): Films on gender and sexuality

Films for the Feminist Classroom

Equal Opportunities UK

Women Leaders Online (WLO)

Women- and Gender-Related Electronic Forums

WWWomen Search Directory Feminism

International Gender Studies Resources (University of California project)


Guerrilla Girls on tour (feminist art activism)


Guerrilla Girls (fighting discrimination in art and culture) - USA

European Women Lobby

Said It: Feminist News, Culture & Politics - USA

See Jane - Working to reduce gender imbalance and stereotypes in children's entertainment

WomenWatch (United Nations)

Women's Human Rights Resources (University of Toronto)

Women's History Month

Internet Women's History Sourcebook

UNIFEM – United Nations Development Fund for Women

Global Fund for Women

Bitch magazine – Feminist responses to popular culture (USA)

Center for Women and Information Technology – USA

National Institute of Women (Inmujeres) – Mexico

Feminist Africa

Jenda: A journal of culture and African women studies

Ms. Magazine Online

No Status Quo

Nikki Craft

Ask Amy: Feminism Directory - USA

Rabbit's Feminist Support Pages

Gender and Advertising

Eldis Gender Guide (international gender-related resources & publications)

TrueChild – Children and gender stereotypes

Out of the Cave: Exploring Gray's Anatomy

Christians for Biblical Equality


Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog

The Happy Feminist

Pinko Feminist Hellcat (feminism section)

Feminist blogs (newsfeed)

Alas, a blog

Den of the Biting Beaver

Feminism101 blog

Yes Means Yes! Visions of Female Sexual Power & A World Without Rape

Young women and feminism

Academic references on young women and feminism, grrrl power, third wave feminism

National Organisation for Women (U.S.) and young women:

The f-word (Contemporary UK feminism)

Bust: Voice of the New Girl Order (U.S.)

Websites for girls

Third Wave Foundation Online (young feminist organisation) - USA

Individual feminists (academic / activist)

Anne Fausto-Sterling

Naomi Wolf Resources

bell hooks Resources

Susan Faludi Resources

Feminist academic sites (feminist theory, Women's & Gender Studies, etc.)

Core Lists in Women's Studies (selective bibliographies of in-print books)

Core List of Journals for Women's Studies

WSSLinks Women and Gender Studies Web Sites

WMST-L (Women's Studies list, USA)

Australian Women's and Gender Studies Association

Women’s and Gender Studies programs and majors around Australia

Men's Bibliography (includes feminist references)

Women's Studies

Course Guide for the Sociology of Gender

Sex and Gender section, American Sociological Association

Women's Studies Database - Film Reviews

Women's Studies Programs

Yahoo! - Social Science:Women's Studies

Gender and Sexuality, Voice of the Shuttle collection

Outskirts Online Journal

Australian Women’s Studies Association

Feminist Theory Website

Gender and Society issues

Women's Studies - Women's Issues Resource Sites

What You Can Do with a Women's Studies Major

Women's Studies Database (University of Maryland compilation)

National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) – USA

Feminist & Women's Studies Association (UK and Ireland)

Gender and Sexuality

Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement -Duke Special Collections

Women's Studies / Gender Studies Course Syllabi on the Web

Sociologists for Women in Society (U.S.)

Gender Training Wiki (UN INSTRAW)

Men's health

Men's health (research, policy and promotion)

Journal of Men’s Health

American Journal of Men's Health

International Journal of Men's Health

Men's Health Forum UK (includes briefing papers, Men's Health Journal, and much more)

SMSdk Men's Health Society

International Society for Men's Health - Prevention campaigns and health initiatives promoting men’s health

Men’s Health Network - National organization promoting men's health

Male Health Center (Texas, USA)

Men's Health Consulting (Berkeley, California, USA)

World Congress on Men’s Health (Vienna, Austria)

Andrology Australia

Centre for the Advancement of Men's Health - Victoria, Australia

Published works on men's health

Men's health (self-care)

Men’s health links (self care) - UK

Men’s Health Directory, Google

Male Health Centre (U.S.)

A Midlife Crisis - UK

Men's self-help health books

Male Midlife Crisis: Commentary on issues facing men at midlife

Male sexual health

Male sexualities (academic references)

The Red Knob – Promoting sexual health among young men (UK)

Penis information

Understanding male sexuality

NOCIRC Australia

Circumcision Information and Resource Pages

History of Circumcision

Men, family planning and reproductive health

Published works on men and family planning etc.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). (2000). Partnering: A New Approach to Sexual and Reproductive Health. Technical Paper No. 3, December. New York: UNFPA.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). (2003). It Takes 2: Partnering with men in reproductive and sexual health. New York: UNFPA Programme Advisory Note (52 pp.).

Reproductive Health: New Perspectives on Men’s Participation

Male involvement - What can be found on the internet

Network Men and Reproductive Health

Frontiers Gender Working Group - Male involvement in reproductive health

Men and abortion: A pro-choice site for men

Reproductive health

Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (Journal) – full text

International Family Planning Perspectives (Journal) – full text

Engender Health

Family Health International (HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and support, and reproductive health, including family planning)

WHO Department of HIV/AIDS

Children by Choice (Australia)

Reproductive Choice Australia

Australian Reproductive Health Association

Centre for Reproductive Law and Policy - USA

Reproductive Health Outlook (RHO)

UNFPA - United Nations Fund for Population Activities

National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action (NARAL) – USA

Global Reproductive Health Forum

Gender and health, Women's health

Gender and Health Fact Sheets (HDW)

Q-Web: Global network for the exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas on women's health and gender issues

Australian Women’s Health Network


General violence sites - Australian

Academic writing on violence

Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse

Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault

National Child Protection Clearinghouse

Partners In Prevention - A network of Victorian professionals working with young people for the primary prevention of violence against women

Resource Hub on Violence Prevention (Women’s Health West, Victoria)

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria - Melbourne, Australia

HURT - Women's Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services (WA)

When love hurts: a guide for girls on love, respect and abuse in relationships

About Date Rape

Preventing Violence (NSW report, Australia)]

Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse

WESNET: Australia's Women's Services Network

No To Violence Male Family Violence Prevention Association (NTV) Inc., incorporating the Men's Referral Service

General violence sites - international

VAWnet – online resources on violence against women

Violence Prevention Evidence Base and Resources - What works to prevent violence - WHO and Liverpool John Moores University's Centre for Public Health

Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence Against Women and Girls

Secretary General’s Database to end violence against women

Åsa Ekvall | Gender Equality and Violence - Resource Website

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Prevention Connection - A national online project dedicated to the primary prevention of violence against women

Prevention Connection Wiki Project: Collections and sharing on the practice, theory, research and evaluation of violence against women prevention efforts

Program evaluation in violence prevention – Resources

IPV Prevention Council

Rape Crisis Online Encyclopedia

Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Program (Arizona Department of Health Services)

National Standards for Sexual Assault Prevention Education (NASASV, 2009) - Australia

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) – Prevention page

Resources for domestic violence

We Can End Violence Against Women, South Asia Regional Campaign

Shifting the paradigm where domestic violence, child maltreatment and child welfare meet (David Mandel)

CDC Social Media Tools Guidelines & Best Practices

Songs Related to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault… and Survival

Respect (UK membership association for domestic violence perpetrator programmes and associated support services)

STEP UP! A Prosocial Behavior - Bystander Intervention Program for Students

The Consexuality Project

Mobilising Communities to Prevent Domestic Violence: A Resource Guide for Organisations in East and Southern Africa

Violence Prevention Alliance: A network of WHO Member State governments, nongovernmental and community-based organizations, and private, international and intergovernmental agencies working to prevent violence

National Network of Stopping Violence (New Zealand)

New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse

GBV Prevention Network (Horn, East and Southern Africa)

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence - Canada

Communities Against Violence Network (CAVNET) - USA

Minnesota Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse - USA

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Violence Against Women Online Resources

Tools for Change - An educators' resource site

United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW)

Ending violence

Acquaintance Sexual Assault – Training Manual for Law Enforcement (and a very useful resource in general)

Arizona Rape and Sexual Assault Surveillance Project

Central Michigan University Sexual Assault Peer Advocates

Sexual Violence Online Resource Center (USA)

International Action Network on Small Arms, Women’s Portal

Project Respect: Sexual violence prevention program for youth aged 13-19 (Canada)

Drawing the Line -- A Guide to Developing Effective Sexual Assault Prevention Programs for Middle School Students (USA)

Fourth R Curricula - A comprehensive school-based program designed to include students, teachers, parents, and the community in reducing violence and risk behaviors

FREDA Centre for Research on Violence against Women and Children

Justice Information Center (NCJRS) - USA

National Institute of Justice (U.S.A.)

Further violence prevention programs

Battered Women, Abused Children, and Child Custody: Information and resources

Peggy Reeves Sanday (author of works on acquaintance rape, Rape-Prone Versus Rape-Free Campus Cultures, etc.)

16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence (English, French and Spanish)

Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (London Metropolitan University, UK)

Bursting the Bubble: Help with family problems / abuse for teenagers

Child trafficking

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI)

The Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment

Teach Safe Schools (The Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment)

Gender perspectives on small arms and light weapons (guns)

Aphrodite Wounded: Help for women sexually assaulted by partners

Violence against males

Sexual assault of males

Academic references on sexual assault of men

National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization -- USA

Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, Lasting Effects, and Resources

Rainbow Male Survivors Network

Living Well - For men who have experienced child sexual abuse or sexual assault

SAMSSA - Service Assisting Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons (Human Rights Watch report, USA)

Stop Prisoner Rape - USA

Males' subjection to violence, including by women

Academic references on men's subjection to violence

Critiques of context-free measures of violence

Men’s Advice Line (UK): Help and support for men experiencing domestic abuse

Domestic Violence Against Men

Another Closet: Domestic violence in gay and lesbian relationships

Body image

About-Face (on representations of women in media & advertising)

AdiosBarbie - A body image site for every body

Mirror-Mirror - Eating disorders

Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders

Fat!So? - for people who don't apologize for their size

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance - USA

All About My Vagina

Sexualities (academic)

Academic references

Sexualities section, American Sociological Association

Sexualities (journal, Sage)

Culture, Health and Sexuality (journal)

Sexualities section, American Sociological Association

Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society

Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction

South and Southeast Asia Resource Centre on Sexuality

Sexual Orientation: Research and Policy (Gregory Herek) | The international sexuality studies network

Homophobia, Homonegativity, and Related Problems

Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality

National Centre in HIV Social Research

Society for Human Sexuality

E-Directory of Lesbigay Scholars

National Sexuality Resource Center (USA)

Growing Up Sexually: Web-Archiving Perspectives on Child & Youth Sexuality Cultures

Sexbiblio - Bibliography of the History of Western Sexuality

South and Southeast Asia Resource Centre on Sexuality

Sexualities (non-academic)

Sexuality, sexuality education

Academic references

Sex Education (journal)

Kaiser Family Foundation

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS)

Sexuality education links

Feminist campaign on ‘female sexual dysfunction’

Sexwise: BBC online global sex education, in 22 languages

All About Sex Discussion Web

Coalition for Positive Sexuality

By Choice Not Chance: offers information and guidance for young people on four main topics: ‘Relationships’; ‘Sex’; ‘What happens if things go wrong’; and ‘Looking after yourself

Like It Is -- Sexual Health Info Online for Australian youth

Susie Bright’s journal

Australian Sexual Health Nurses Inc.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other sexuality-related sites - Leading online resources for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community

Pleasure Activism Australia

Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, Australia

Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby – NSW, Australia

Intersex Society of North America

Gay History and Literature

National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law (1995-98)

Tasmanian Gay & Lesbian Rights Group

Gay & Lesbian Health Victoria Clearinghouse

Married Gay / Bisexual Men

Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues Network

Transgender issues

Doin' it well: Bringing good sex & sexuality to the masses!


Gay Demographics


Academic references

Always Causing Legal Unrest Website

Andrea Dworkin Web Site

Pornography As a Cause of Rape (excerpted from Diana Russell’s book, Against Pornography: The Evidence of Harm)

Critique of pornography (Playboy)

Object: Women Not Sex Objects (UK)

Anti-PornMen (UK)

Stop Porn Culture

Pleasure vs Profit

No Internet Censorship for Australia

Censorship and moral panic in Australia

Against Pornography (Maggie Hays)

Donna M. Hughes, Leading international researcher on trafficking of women and children Focusing on the culpability of men who create pornography, prostitution and sex trafficking

Sexism Illustrated (critique of Sports Illustrated)

Anti-Porn Resource Center

Make Love Not Porn

Pornography controversy (anti-censorship) - Australia

Malamuth publications

Libertus (anti-censorship)

Electronic Frontiers Australia (anti-censorship)

Electronic Frontiers Foundation

Youth, Pornography, and the Internet (National Research Council Report, USA, 2002)

VICNET Legal: Censorship

Index on Censorship

Games Censorship Collection

Writings by Robert Jensen

Young Media Australia

Prostitution / sex work

Academic references

Prostitution Research & Education Website

Prostitutes Education Network (includes a comprehensive list of international links)

Project Respect (Melbourne, Australia)

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (International)

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women - Asia Pacific (CATW-AP)

ECPAT International - End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes

Anti-trafficking resources (Google compilation)'s_Rights/Anti_Trafficking/

Sex Work sites (Google compilation)

Writings on trafficking, sexual exploitation, prostitution, the Internet, by Donna M. Hughes

Resources on Prostitution (French and English language)

Research for Sex Work

Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP)

Freedom and Justice Center

Feminist Issues in Prostitution (Overview by Sarah Bromberg, 1997 / 1998)

Schooling / education (primary & secondary)

Martha's Gender Equity in Education Page

AAUW (schooling & gender) Research

Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

Australian Council for Educational Research

Boys & education etc.

Growing Up Male (academic references)

Boys' Education & Schooling (academic references)

Working With Boys (written works)

Promundo Institute (Based in Brazil, and includes substantial work on gender equity among boys)

Boys, Gender and Schooling (Education Queensland)

Men and Boys Program, Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle - Australia

Canadian Adolescent Boys and Literacy Home Page

Education of Boys (Australian Council for Educational Research)

Gender and literacy index including boys and literacy (UK)

Gender Education (NSW Dept of Education and Training) - Australia

Boys and Literacy (Essex, UK)

Guys Read – Boys and Literacy (US)

Research report: G.I. Joe meets Barbie, software engineer meets caregiver: Males and females in B.C.'s public schools and beyond, 2000 (Canada)

Boys' and Girls' Literacy Project (Canada)

Boys’ education (DEST research reports, Australia)

Safe Boys, Safe Schools (an overview of boys' issues, by Craig Flood)

The Men They Will Become: The Nature and Nurture of Male Character (extracts from Eli Newberger’s book on boys)

Boys Forward (Australia)

Gender and education: Links on a wide variety of issues (Association of Women Educators)

Gender and Education Guidelines – Association of Women Educators

Dr. William Pollack - Author of Real Boys etc.

Schools and young people anti-homophobia materials

Same Sex Attracted Youth Research Home Page

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (USA)

HRW Hatred in the Hallways: Violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays - USA

Safe Schools Coalition - USA

Homophobia & masculinities among young men - Michael Flood's overview (1998)

Fathering and fatherhood

Fathering and Fatherhood (academic references)

Fathering and Fatherhood (articles and discussion)

National Fatherhood Initiative - Organization improve the well-being of children through the promotion of responsible, engaged fatherhood (USA)

Fathers Direct (UK)

Men and Family Relationships Practitioners Network

Engaging Fathers Project (Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle) - Australia

Fathers Resource Center - Online resource, reference, and network for stay-at-home dads

Dad Info - information for fathers

European fatherhood: Researchers and professionals on fatherhood in Europe

Father & FamilyLink -- NCOFF FatherLit Database

National Center on Fathers and Families Literature Databases

CFFPP Center on Fathers, Families, and Public Policy - USA

Fatherhood – Welfare Information Network, USA

Dad Man - Consulting, training, speaking about fathers and father figures as a vital family resource by Joe Kelly

Effective Fathering

Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS)

Kearl’s guide to the sociology of the family

Families, Law and Social Policy Research Unit, Griffith University - Australia


Sport, Men and Gender (academic references)

Women / Gender and sport

Boys To Men, Sports Media - Message About Masculinity

Sociology of sport

Miscellaneous men sites

Men's Line Australia

The Masculine Heart

Tony Robertson: Masculinity

National Men's Resource Centre - USA

A Gathering of Men

Men's Issues links

Men’s groups around Australia

Critiques of fathers' rights and men's rights

Critiques of men's rights (academic references)

Critiques of fathers' rights (academic references)

Various articles on 'fathers' rights' and 'men's rights', XYonline (Also see the sections on activism and politics, fathering, and violence)

Liznotes (See the Table of Contents for extensive critiques of fathers' rights etc., critiques of joint custody arguments, the fathers' rights movements in their own words, etc.)

Battered Women, Abused Children, and Child Custody: Information and resources

Child Abuse: Articles and Information that Cut Through the Slop (on "Parental Alienation Syndrome", "False Memory Syndrome", etc.)

Myths and Facts on Fatherhood and Family Law

Wade Horn: Yet More Propaganda

Myths and Realities of Custody and Access

Family law issues, National Organization for Women (California)
Includes; California Now Family Court Report 2002

Myth of False Sexual Abuse Allegations in Divorce

Trish Wilson on the Father's Rights Movement

NOW and Fighting the Right Wing (includes material on men's rights and Promise Keepers)

The Myth of Epidemic False Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Divorce Cases (Spring 1998 issue of Court Review. (c) 1998 by Merrilyn McDonald)

Readings on ‘Parental Alienation’, domestic violence, and other matters related to custody and family law (US)

Justice For Children (specialises in Amicus Curiae briefs for ‘Parental Alienation Syndrome’ cases, US)

Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence

NOW information on the Promise Keepers

Viruses and hoaxes

Symantec Security Updates - Hoax Page

Urban Legends Reference Pages

Miscellaneous progressive and activist links

ZNet - progressive politics & discussion

Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Assocation (anti-racist resource site)

Australian Counter-Fundamentalism Movement: Counteracting the negative influence of the Religious Right on Australian social policy.

Landover Baptist Where the Worthwhile Worship. Unsaved Unwelcome.

Australia’s Relationship Separation and Divorce Directory