men, masculinities and gender politics


basil elias

Me(n) in the movement

Basil Elias invites men to participate in the anti-violence movement.

hey brother (a song)


how does it feel to be the one
who let’s yourself down?
how does it feel--
the sorrow?

Just a few days ago, I was attacked

Basil tells of being queer-bashed, and his learning to heal.

Starting your own group for men against sexism


Many men have been latching on to feminist politics without taking up our place in the struggle for too long. Its’ not enough to read bell hooks or Angela Davis, call ourselves feminists, hang out with riot grrrls or rock the emo-boy style anymore. It’s time to get out there, look inside and deal with the fact that most of us have been socialized in a society that teaches us to take power away from people around us.