men, masculinities and gender politics


Agenda journal, Special Focus: Gender, Culture and Rights (2005)

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A special issue of the journal Agenda focuses on 'gender, culture and rights', with a series of articles on men, masculinities, and gender issues. Selected pieces from this special issue are available below.

Harper Gil, and Asha Moodley. (eds.). (2005). Agenda, Special Focus: Gender, Culture and Rights.
Selected Contents;
Through men, by men, for men: Christianity and the quest for gender equality / Desmond Lesejane.
Youth, fathers and masculinity in South Africa today / Robert Morrell.
The role of men in the struggle for gender equality: possibilities for positive engagement / Bafana Khumalo.
Involving men in maternity care: health service delivery issues / Saiqa Mullick, Busi Kunene and Monica Wanjiru.
Creating spaces for men’s involvement in sexual and reproductive health / Mokgethi Tshabalala.
Redefining masculinity in the era of HIV/AIDS: Padare’s work on masculinity in Zimbabwe / Regis Munyaradzi Mtutu.
South African men care enough to act against HIV/AIDS and general inequality: the Men in Partnership act against HIV/AIDS (MIPAA) experience / Rabi Gobind.
Urgency and optimism: masculinities, gender equality and public health / Dean Peacock.

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