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Consent: An XY collection

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There are great resources for encouraging norms of sexual consent and respect among men, building skills in negotiating consent, and so on. Here, we have collected some useful, accessible pieces. Please see the bottom of this page for the resources. Further suggestions are most welcome.

Further pieces on XY which focus on consent include the following:

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PISC Summer 2013 - Consent.pdf2.97 MB
Weinberg, Conversations of consent.pdf568.48 KB
Atherton-Zeman, Manufacturing Consent – Is It Rape.doc48.5 KB
Flood, Hot and healthy sex.pdf224.77 KB
Berkowitz, Guidelines for consent in intimate relationships 02.pdf1.9 MB
Dr NerdLove, Getting A Yes - The Standard of Enthusiastic Consent 2013.pdf1.96 MB
Men Teach Your Friends - Sexual consent.pdf204.61 KB
Wong, 7 Reasons So Many Guys Don't Understand Sexual Consent.pdf221.89 KB
Dormitz, Consent and Dating.pdf59.62 KB
Dormitz, Consent and Marriage.pdf67.13 KB
Dormitz, Consent and Parenting.pdf61.23 KB
Dormitz, Consent and Teens.pdf54.4 KB
Consent+Toolkit.pdf1.24 MB