men, masculinities and gender politics


Engaging Men in “Women’s Issues”: Inclusive approaches to gender and development

This special issue of the journal Critical Half focuses on ‘Engaging Men in “Women’s Issues”: Inclusive approaches to gender and development’. Published in 2007, it includes the following articles:

Involving Men in Gender Practice and Policy / M. Flood.

“Gender is Society”: Inclusive lawmaking in Rwanda’s Parliament / E. Powley and E. Pearson.

Combating Gender-Based Violence in Kenya: The experience of “Men for Gender Equality Now” / O. Miruka.

Gender Dynamics and HIV/AIDS: Engaging Ugandan men in disease prevention / A. Simoni.

Negotiating with Men to Help Women: The success of Somali women activists / S. Dini.

Women Are Not Islands: Engaging men to empower women / P.T. Morris.

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