men, masculinities and gender politics


Men building gender equality in the workplace

How can men help to build gender equality at work? In this XY collection, we bring together key reports, manuals, and other items of interest.

Also see the recent report, Men Make a Difference: Engaging Men on Gender Equality, commissioned by the Diversity Council Australia and written by Dr Michael Flood and Dr Graeme Russell.

While this collection focuses on paid work and workplaces, other materials in XY's "Resources" collections are relevant for work with men in general to build gender equality. Further suggestions are most welcome.


Holmes & Flood, Genders at work 2013.pdf264.78 KB
Flood Pease, Undoing men's priv.pdf1.4 MB
ILO, Men and Masculinities - Promoting Gender Equality in the World of Work.pdf873.53 KB
Lee, Men, work and gender.pdf866.51 KB
Catalyst, Actions Men Can Take to Create an Inclusive Workplace 2009.pdf164.87 KB
WGEA, Engaging men in flexible working arrangements 2014.pdf130.79 KB
Prime, Engaging men in gender initiatives 09.pdf627.48 KB
Prime, Engaging men in gender initiatives - Stacking the deck 09.pdf473.72 KB
EMERGE, Collaborative Review of Evidence on Men and Boys - Evidence REPORT 2015.pdf2.42 MB
Russell, Men Get Flexible 2012.pdf2.6 MB
Male Champions of Change progress report 2011.pdf4.32 MB
Male Champions of Change progress report 2013.pdf3.76 MB
Male Champions of Change progress report 2014.pdf2.77 MB
Male Champions of Change, Elevating women's representation in leadership 2011.pdf4.32 MB
Price, Where are those proud male 'champions of change' Nov 25 2014.pdf69.54 KB
Male Champions of Change, Playing Our Part Letter Nov 2015.pdf856.11 KB
Robb, Men as agents of change - Barclays 2015.pdf180.57 KB
5 Practical Things Men Can Do For Gender Equality At Work Oct 2014.pdf2.97 MB
Taylor, Calling all men – five ways you can be a feminist at work Aug 2 2016.pdf1.52 MB
Murray Edwards College, Collaborating with Men - FINAL Report 2016.pdf2.46 MB
Glennerster, Practical steps you can take to reduce sexism in economics Jan 7 2015.pdf42.97 KB
Halter, Why Men Should Support Gender Equality.pdf70.13 KB
Good, Helping men get work-life balance can help everyone July 9 2015.pdf39.21 KB
Barker, The belief that women do care work and men get paid does a great disservice to society.pdf202.12 KB
BroadAgenda, Engaging Men Q and A with Michael Flood.pdf111.63 KB