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Men's rights and MRAs (Men's Rights Activists): Academic critiques

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A range of critiques and assessments of the men's rights movement have been published in recent years. This XY collection focuses on academic or scholarly critiques of men's rights and anti-feminist backlash. See below for the pieces, in PDF.

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Blais, Masculinism and the Antifeminist Countermovement 2012.pdf159.16 KB
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Dragiewicz, Antifeminist backlash.pdf2.73 MB
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Gotell, Sexual violence in the 'manosphere' 2016.pdf645.52 KB
Graycar, Equal rights versus fathers' rights.pdf1.33 MB
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Maddison, Private men, public 1999.pdf473.6 KB
Mann, Men's Rights and Feminist Advocacy in Canadian 08.pdf361.92 KB
Mann, The Harper Government's New Right 2016.pdf339.35 KB
Messner, Forks in the road 2016.pdf338.82 KB
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Pollock, Fathers' rights, women's losses.pdf882.18 KB
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DeKeseredy, Tactics of the antifeminist backlash.pdf1.99 MB
DeKeseredy, Understanding the Complexities of Feminist Perspectives 2007.pdf71.37 KB